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Post by DragonSlayerIgneel on Sat Jul 31, 2010 2:31 am

Have you ever wanted to play an web based MMORPG that:

1. is random & unpredictable

2. is a bit cartoonish but fun

3. is so popular that it has been rated by the ESRB as a E10+ game

4. has multiple classes, armors, capes, and weapons, that you can choose from that you can equip at anytime!

5. Has a storyline where the main charactor (in this case, you) can be totally irresponsible (Who cares if the world gets destroyed a million times over?! I'm not moving until I've had my morning cup of coffee! ... oh well ^^), and still manage to save the day!

6. If bored, can always be used as a chatting place (think MSN but with cartoons representing you =3)

7. Is experimenting with PVP! Recently introduced, most is reserved for members, but there are still non-member PVP arenas!

8. Has Good and Evil Factions, which come with a unique set of items unique to your alignment.

If you are interested, why not try it out?
Go ahead and visit the Adventure Quest Worlds Homepage!
Feel free to meet new friends and play away!
Although if possible, click this link when (and if) you register.
Why go through the trouble of cliking this link instead on registering the normal way from the Hompage?
Its because if you click this link instead, you help me out everytime you lvl up or refer a friend yourself!!

If you are more interested in Mecha, why not try Mechquest ?
Also created by Artix Entertainment, Mechquest combines Fantasy, Magic, and Mechas all into one game!
(Now, be aware that Mechquest is more of a solo type game, but still fun and crazy!!
Also said to be installed in as a facebook game!!)

If you like the Mid-evil setting AQWorlds has, and the game play of Mechquest, try DragonFable!
DragonFable, as you should have guessed, is centered around dragons! You start put as a random lvl 1 adventurer that ends up sticking his/her nose in everything in order to keep the world in balance.
You don't actually get to hatch your own dragon unless you upgrade, but your not missing out on much!

If you want to play the game that started it all, Try out Adventure Quest!
This game is for those who dont like walking around towns and prefer more menus, its the same as Mechquest and DragonFable, just less time consuming.
(Note: This game has so many players, that sometimes the servers get filled to the brim, making you have to wait untill there is an open slot, or if you upgrade, you can access anytime you want.)

I play all four of these games,

In DragonFable I play as a Paladin/DragonLord named Squall

In MechQuest I play a Martial Artist/StarCaptain named Ininga

In Adventure Quest I play a character named Ninga

And Finally, In AQWorlds, I play as a
Defender/Dragonslayer/DragonLord/StarCaptain named Ininga

If you upgrade in Adventure Quest, DragonFable, or MechQuest, you can link your upgraded account to your AQWorlds account to access in-game shop exclusives!

If anyone ever finishes reading this post and decides they wish to play one of the games, feel free to contact me in-game (in AQWorlds) or on the forums.


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