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Post by LadyBuffs on Thu Aug 19, 2010 2:53 pm

Thought id make a Luna Online topic just to give some more info on it for those of you who are interested^^

Luna is a popular game thats only been around for about a year and a half and still has a big population with a great community.  So far everyone ive met there has been friendly and helpful.  You get 3 classes to choose from at the beginning as youre making your character: Fighter, Mage, and Rogue (Mage includes both magic and healing jobs).  You go through 5 different job changes starting from level 20 and at each job change theirs more than one path to choose from.

Here's a link to the Job Trees for each class

You have the choice between two races: Human or Elf, and when Luna Plus comes out (which sadly im not sure when that will be lol) you can get the demon race once you get your character to 50. Once you go demon your character will start back at level 40.

Theres tons of quests in Luna which is your primary way of leveling if you wanna level fast and efficiently, without them the exp rate is actually slower than FlyFF's  affraid but as long as you stick to the quests and level through one area at a time it'll be a breeze^^

As you level you earn skill points to level your skills, which also takes a little bit of gold, but its not that much. Luna has a variety of skills to train with including some aoe's at early levels.  

You can also get some special items such as costume pieces from certain monsters that give stat bonuses, speed and stat boosting potions, and items that let you summon monsters and bug lower lvl players than you xP.

Luna Online Luna-online-pets

At level 20 you get a quest to recieve your pet.  The color/flavor of pet is chosen for you at random along with a number of skill slots from 1 to 3.  All pets function the same way despite color.  Pets level up once every certain number of monsters you kill, for example my BlueBerry pet is level 6 and so far he has leveled up every 100 monsters killed.  The number of monsters needed to kill increases as your pets lvl increases.  
Pets have 3 commands: Passive, Aggressive, and Defensive
Passive makes your pet stay in one place without doing anything. Aggressive makes your pet automatically attack monsters near you. Defensive makes your pet only attack monsters that your attacking. Pets are able to use skills at lvl 10 and you can buy pet armor and weapons for them.

Luna Online Smallwings

At level 24 you get a quest to get either white wings, black wings, balloons, or a rocket for gliding.  Your not actually able to fly technically its more like gliding, but its still fun and Luna Plus gives you more flying options when it comes out^^

Constructing armor and weapons

Armor and Weapons are available at npc shops but you can also construct your armor, enchant, and even destruct back into matierials.
Matierials are found in npc shops, drops from mobs, and from destructing armor and weapons you dont need, makes things very customizable and you can make your equips exactly the way you want^^

Guild/Family/Alliance system

Like any mmorpg you can join a guild which has ranks, such as in Luna the Highest rank is President, then goes to Vice President (which are like the KP's in FlyFF, and to Officers..etc
Guilds can make an alliance with eachother but how this works im not sure since im still a nab^^;  and you can also join a Family which when the Family is leveled high enough it can own a farm.

Theres also fishing which is available as soon as you start the game which is a nice break from grinding.  Luna is probably best known for it's Dating System which is entirely optional but what you do is get a residence card from an Npc in Alker Harbor and enter in some of your info, along with some of your Likes and Dislikes.  Using the information you entered you get matched up with different people based on how much information or likes and dislikes you have in common with someone else.  You can then pick one of your matches and go into a dating dungeon where you kill monsters and gain exp together.

Thats pretty much all I can think of as far as info goes xD Dont let Luna's look fool you though this isnt a game for kiddies, especially if youve seen some of the artwork on the patcher and on the site youll see what I mean <<;

If you wanna join me on there im on Crescent (only two clusters, Crescent and Eclipse) and my IGN is PlushyToy^^


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Post by ShadowArc on Thu Aug 19, 2010 7:11 pm

*Started on eclipse and wont change xP*

Though the game is somewhat fun....alot better than flyff...just think of it as...a 3d maple story just without the platforming x)


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