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Attention: This thread will be renovated before July 4, 2013 - some things might not stay the same, so don't count your chickens with too much information below!

Hello everyone! I am proud to announce a couple of exciting announcements! First, as you may have seen, I have acquired & placed a new theme that looks so kawaii <3

Another thing that you may have noticed is that the User&Group functions have been fixed & since they are fixed, we have NEW Ranks & Moderators!!

Groups are as follows:

1   Group of the forum Administrators Led by  MrBearToy [Site Admin]
2   Branch Moderators Led by ShadowArc [Head English Moderator]
3   ATS Team Led by DragonSlayerIgneel    [Hidden Job at the moment]

Please acknowledge these new staff-group positions & treat them with same respect you would treat while near me!

Ranks are as follows:

Bear Administrator - Special Rank
ATS Team       - Special Rank (Will only show when ATS is released)
note: special ranks can only be administrated by an Admin & off-topic threads will not help count to your post total since anything in Off-topic category (without being in correct forum) will be removed in 90 days.
RANK -- Grade -- Requirement Post:
Recruit --      0 posts
Apprentice D  --      1 posts
Apprentice Grade C -- 3 posts
Apprentice Grade B -- 5 posts

Private D -- 7 posts
Private Grade C -- 8 posts
Private Grade B -- 9 posts

Corporal C -- 10 posts
Corporal Grade B -- 15 posts

Seargant D -- 20 posts
Sergant Grade C -- 26 posts
Sergant Grade B -- 32 posts

Princess -- 40 posts

Warrant Officer D -- 45 posts
Warrant Officer C -- 78 posts
Warrant Officer B -- 111 posts
Warrant Officer A -- 144 posts

Captain D -- 210 posts
Captain Grade C --  233 posts
Captain Grade B --  256 posts
Captain Grade A -- 279 posts

Major D -- 325 posts
Major Grade C -- 350 posts
Major Grade B -- 375 posts
Major Grade A -- 400 posts

Lieutenant D -- 450 posts
Lieutenant Grade C--  480 posts
Lieutenant Grade B -- 510 posts
Lieutenant Grade A -- 540 posts

Commander D -- 600 posts
Commander Grade C -- 650 posts
Commander Grade B -- 700 posts
Commander Grade A -- 750 posts

Colonel D -- 850 posts
Colonel Grade C -- 960 posts
Colonel Grade B -- 1,070 posts
Colonel Grade A -- 1,180 posts

Brigadier Rooster D -- 1,400 posts
Brigadier Rooster C -- 1,520 posts
Brigadier Rooster B -- 1, 640 posts
Top Rooster A -- 1,760 posts

General D -- 2,200 posts
General Rank C -- 2,350 posts
General Rank B -- 2,500 posts
General Cookie Monster -- 2,650 posts

Frag Marshall -- 3,000 posts
FF Hero -- 3,700 posts
Legendary Spartan -- 4,600 posts
Mythic Abomination -- 5,650 posts
Noble Team Alpha -- 7,000 posts
Supreme Covenant -- 8,500 posts
Mysterious Forerunner -- 13,000 posts

Promoted Forumonger -- 16,000  posts
Toy NERD! --  20,000   posts
Full Of Rum --  30,000 posts

Veteran Bear -- 200,000 posts
Turbo Fans -- 400,000 posts
Justin Bieber Haters -- 600,000 posts

Rebecca Black Haters -- 750,000 posts

Glambert in love -- 800,000 posts
Bear Tracker -- 900,000 posts
Forum Spartan -- 999,999 posts

*COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER: owns all rights to the membership-HALO-ranking names used for SexyToys GN. These ranks are not for profit but to encourage participation around all forum community*

How it's going to work is There will be group moderators for certain staff groups, however they won't attain the staff position- special rank UNLESS if it's an active one.

For Example: Shadow will have his Head Mod. special rank on as he is in the mod group, but DragonSlayerIgneel won't have his GM (bro) special rank on, because ATS isn't fully beta released yet.

Also, as you can notice, they are Halo ranks mostly until over 10,000 posts. Where you actually find the cooler names there will be groups later on where I will have auto subscriptions for anyone that attains over a certain post count.

For example: Anyone that has posts from 300 to about 900 posts will be part of a special post count group & will be removed when they hit that max range.

Lastly,  As I find more fun things to do & I see more site activity, I might transfer Microsoft points, CS from PC games, etc
to the members who are making the site grow  king


PS: If you dislike the current - rank system and have a better idea for names/ post requirement then feel free to reply to this thread!

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Post on Fri Oct 08, 2010 10:12 pm by ShadowArc

Very organized and well explained XD
ima try to get 60k points XD
very nice update jose XD

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Post on Wed Sep 28, 2011 11:29 pm by Bear

New Ranks Updated September 28, 2011!

Enjoy Smile

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Post on Wed Sep 28, 2011 11:45 pm by ShadowArc

Even all this time later i still say really good XD

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