Making a Branch - Application

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Making a Branch - Application

Post by Bear on Sat Oct 23, 2010 4:54 pm

If you are a clan/Guild/organization with your own HQ forum please PM me your link so I may add your site to one of our exclusive forums!  

If you are a clan/Guild/organization that does not have one but would like to borrow space from us in our own forum, please read below:

Below is a quote from our Gaming Branch Mandatory Regulations:

Creating Branch Names: Similar to the rules for creating account names, all members shall adhere "If a member decides to represent the guild, the clan/guild/alliance/network name should be a different-name than the original to avoid fraud & serious staff consequences from occurring".

  • The Rules towards Branch names for other guilds /clans are simple.
  • As of 3/6/2011 7:28AM, Guilds that have their own forum can have the option for a category/forum linkup instead of using space freely provided. If you still want your own branch contents here, please continue reading below:

  1. Submit your finished form at our Suggestion Desk.
  2. Include name of guild/clan/alliance, & game you play on [pserver or original CD & system]
  3. NEVER steal someone's copyrighted guild/clan/alliance name!!! - This upsets founders so don't do this unless you have the founder's permission.
  4. If you plan on having sub-clan/guild/alliances, & want them also enlisted. Then please make sure they are never the same name as your main requested account. This allows no one to violate any copyright laws inside & outside of this constituted branch.

I need the applicant's (person who is soliciting the guild/Alliance/Clan) to Submit in the correct forum with the following:

  1. Game Console (system [360, psn, etc] or PC)
  2. Game Name (Luna Online, Flyff, etc)
  3. Game Server (Official Game or Private server; eflyff is Korean's Flyff - USA Private server)
  4. Guild/Alliance/Clan/ Organization Name
  5. Is it a sub SexyToys guild? Choose One: Yes / No
  6. # of Sub Forums wanted
  7. Sub Forum names

Disclaimer: If you wish to deactivate your guild/clan then let me know & I will remove all sub forums from it, and save all topics inside as backup.

For more tech-savy members:
IF you already have a clan-forum, I will basically add this code snippet into a forum which will instantly allow other users to travel to your main site without any problem at all. All clan forums must be approved however with the same format as written above.

Forum name: <a href="http://URL" target="_blank"> New Clan Forum </a>

If You are an Enjin clan user & want to directly link our forums to yours, follow the link below to our enjin how-to:

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