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Hello Everyone!  Empty Hello Everyone!

Post by AORX3 on Sat Jan 14, 2012 4:05 pm

^_^ hey all you happy and wonderful people on this form :3 i guess i sorta got recommended here

o0 things about me
love long walks on the beach i mean jk

* gaming (shooters, fighters, some rpgs, platformers, and anything that is in 2 and a half D :3)
* drawing (realism, anime, manga, mecha,and any mixture styles)
* bike-riding adventures
* modding of PC cases and others
* dancing to good music in my room only >,<
* a great singer in the shower cause of the acoustics lol
* would like to make a skype group chats
* last im a very open person so talk to me peoples ^_^

* people that think they are it (especially people with egos or think there smooth and this goes for guys and girls)
* =.= guys that say i love you on the first time i talk to them(like they really mean it)
* o0 i cant come up with anymore

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