A-Rank Mission: To Toy or Not to Toy!

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A-Rank Mission: To Toy or Not to Toy!

Post by Bear on Fri Mar 23, 2012 8:33 am

introduced by TinyLilly.

Eta: every new years


  • To provide an excellent New Years for the guild.
  • To emphasize and encourage the growth for Event Coordination by Teamwork!
  • prize: 400 points


People will sign up in Groups! These Groups consist of Horror, Adventure, Comedy, Action, Drama.

There will be a maximum of 10 people per each group led by a certain KingPin.
If you wish to be in a particular group PM me ASAP and I will place the list according by first come, first serve.

  • This will become an ALL - DAY EVENT to celebrate the New Years!

Leader rules:

  1. You must gather your group members, and report to me ASAP so I may write down [HERE] who is in your group for this event. EVERYONE must participate.
  2. Once you gathered everyone, it is YOUR responsibility to create a fantastic roleplay script [play] using the group topic you've been assigned to and then act it out in the guild! I will grade you based on originality & teamwork!
  3. Winning Group Gains 3 CP per member from me! That is 30 CP given to the winning Group in total!!! YOU MIGHT EVEN SEE YOUR script IN MY NEW SEXYTOYS BOOK [coming out soon].

Group Member rules:

  1. You must work together with the leader and your team mates in order to produce a script that will blow other scripts off the charts!
  2. To give everyone a fair chance, no ALT's allowed in each group!


  1. [Leader]


  1. [Leader]


  1. [Leader]


  1. [Leader]


  1. [Leader]

Note: As more members join the guild, they will be automatically assigned to the space most open, if not taken already!
The list is also subjected to change!

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Re: A-Rank Mission: To Toy or Not to Toy!

Post by Kathy143 on Tue Apr 24, 2012 8:31 am

Um. i want to sign-up and am still finding a group i wish they will join me. Very Happy i really want to become a leader but maybe the group will fail if ill become a leader but i already make maybe stories by my self but its vampire vampire xD and the other one is love and i forgot the others i hope i can be leader xD
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