C-Rank Mission - Fame ODST: Alpha Bears

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C-Rank Mission - Fame ODST: Alpha Bears Empty C-Rank Mission - Fame ODST: Alpha Bears

Post by Bear on Fri Mar 23, 2012 8:41 am

Introduced by: SexyBearToy [Jessica]

Event Type: Halo-Fame Zombie

  • Casual 8 players online @ random
  • Prize: 200 points each.

Same Rules as 'Freeze Tag'.

  • Bear starts as Alpha Zombie! & it's your JOB not to be found or else be spanked by my Yaoi Paddle of Zombie Bear DOOM! Alpha Zombie [like Halo] starts with the guild leader MrBearToy.

  1. You are first told where your allowed to hide specifiedly by the Alpha Zombie & then Everyone else scatters and hides.
  2. If Alpha Zombie finds you, he/she MUST touch your character by either skill touch or close character contact and then will claim you by adding you to the Special Zombie lvl 1 party.
  3. This means you become a Zombie too! Once your a Zombie you help the search for the others hiding.
  4. Point of the game is the last person who isn't a Zombie is the winner!

Full Guild Rules:

  • In the case that there are more than 8 players on. The Guild Kingpins / Captains online will make 2nd Zombie squads which will help find everyone around.

You May Not Use:

  1. Use flying devices (Only Alpha Zombie can fly)
  2. Speed Gear, Scroll of Velocity (Unless Notified)
  3. Skills or Blinks (Unless Notified)


  • TBA

Location Rules:

  • Flaris if there are less than 10 members online.
  • SM if there is less than 20 guild members online.
  • Other [specified below] continents if more than 20 guild members online.

Location(s) For hiding:

  • Saint Morning
  • Flaris
  • Darkon [specified by Alpha Zombie]

Location(s) You may NOT hide:

  • Dungeons [Myras, continent dungeons, Azria, Zynra, Forrest Dungeons, WILD, any of the boats, etc]

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