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Post by Bear on Wed Apr 28, 2010 4:48 pm

(February 10, 2010 at 1:53 PM) ShadowArc [Moderator]:
For now on people...if you haven an issue with a guildie...a mod...or even bear himself *tho who doesnt love bear xP*
PLEASE use this Member/Staff Report section...its there for a reason and even tho it seems like there's four topics going im sure if the issue is valid enough it will be dealt please...any future issues with a guildie of anykind need to be posted in staff support instead of taken out on them ingame and putting the entire guild in turmoil *we lost a guildie by the name of kitala by this...*

im not placing blame i just wish people would use that section or just get along ingame....bear can feel free to do whatever with this i just felt like it needed to be said...

2018 Update: Until we have established a ticket-system, please submit all forms to Admins via Pm or Discord
2015 Update: Staff Lounge has been removed!

Month/Day/Year: Topic Reporting

State the problem:
Please keep this to less than 580 words per thread.
Note: All information reported will be monitored and investigated. You cannot speak for someone else or the group as a whole. You must give a clear report as to what you felt/witnessed and what was the problem.

Who were involved?
Name all members that were involved during incident

Where & Why did this happen?

Be specific! Messengers/ In guild/ Forum/ etc.

What time did it occur?
This is mandatory. Be sure to keep your story straight!

What is your time zone?
I need this in case of staff contact

[Mandatory] Provide more than 1 ScreenShot Link:
Your required to, to help perspective decisions! This screenshot must be done by your keyboard's PRINTSCREEN key or in-game screenshot key to avoid modification of any kind.

[Optional] Additional Information:

More specifics you can give = the better the review you gain.

Leadership have the last word. Do not publicly criticize them. If you got a problem after submitting and the response was unsatisfactory to you, then take it up with the administrator/super moderators via PM only.

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