noobie want to say hiya

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noobie want to say hiya Empty noobie want to say hiya

Post by -KbraD- on Sun Mar 25, 2012 1:09 am

Hello Sexy Toys,
I wanted to make a formal introduction to all of the sexy toys network so here I go. As some of you know I am a new recruit on Monster flyff. However no one knows a thing about me to this point.

I live in Illinois within the United States. To get more specific a little farmers town in central Illinois. I am a Junior in high school at this point with a dreamy eyed future awaiting me. Many have told me I am to smart for my own good. Funny thing is I agree with them 100%. I consider myself a kind person so don't feel scared to ask me anything. Music is my other passion besides gaming. I listen to everything. From tech to rap to country. I do favor the happy go lucky kind of personality. I am very happy to have been welcomed to a very active and kind community. If you have any more questions your more than welcome to give me an email at or find me in monster flyff.

Its a pleasure to meet you all,


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noobie want to say hiya Empty Re: noobie want to say hiya

Post by KAKASHI on Sun Mar 25, 2012 1:28 am

lol welcome and all i have to say is stay away from bear's closet its a trap i promise jk bear head
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