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Post by Bear on Sun Mar 25, 2012 11:44 pm

The games provided by this site are considered to be from the public domain, e.g. they are widely found on many other gaming sites etc., and comply with second party site's policies. We try our best to give as much credit back to those authors/owners/organisations etc. as possible. But if you believe such a game should not be featured on our website, Please contact a staff member right away and we shall arrange to take off the game as soon as possible. Usually within between 12-24 hours or less.

• All visitors may enter and play multiplayer games at their own risk.
• Our network is not responsible for any vulgar or offensive language, or anything that may offend anyone in general. However we will refrain from anything that is assimilated with offensive or vulgar actions.
• If you feel offended by a game, please report that game using our Report section by providing us with a reason and the game thread link. If the game thread is inaccessible meaning it hot-links to an external site, then just provide the game thread's name.

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