Everyone enjoying R4 Open Beta?

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Are you enjoying R4 Beta?

Everyone enjoying R4 Open Beta? I_vote_lcap50%Everyone enjoying R4 Open Beta? I_vote_rcap 50% 
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Everyone enjoying R4 Open Beta? I_vote_lcap50%Everyone enjoying R4 Open Beta? I_vote_rcap 50% 
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Everyone enjoying R4 Open Beta? Empty Everyone enjoying R4 Open Beta?

Post by LadyBuffs on Wed May 23, 2012 1:47 pm

Not sure how many other toys are playing, but I've seen Purr around and I know Bear has found quite a few bugs with it. I haven't noticed too many issues except for the mail thing (fixed!) and sometimes my whole interface flashes on and off. Shadowur mobs are still a pain in the asal, still lvl 136 but getting up there. Can't wait to try the new area though! Anyone else have any thoughts? (Didn't see another topic on this, if there is I apologize ^^Wink

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Everyone enjoying R4 Open Beta? Empty Re: Everyone enjoying R4 Open Beta?

Post by Bear on Mon Jun 04, 2012 6:03 am

I am no longer playing the R4 beta. However here are the bugs I've encountered that STILL to date haven't been fixed/ might never be fixed:

Xornet R4 beta bugs [Cons]:

• Developer – not functional
• About – not functional

• Map displays 3 copies of each 4 cash shop areas in WIDE resolutions
• Map scroll bar does not work for Dungeon category.
• Map does not locate anyone within Town Map category
• Map error -- Saint City is misspelled as “Sain City”
• Game bug: If you die – game crashes
• Max resolution can view full map menu for some towns/dungeons
• Lower resolutions cut/have problems viewing map menu
• Max resolution 1920x1080 cuts menu
• No Map locations of Valley of Risen npc/monsters
• No Map locations of Kaillun Grassland npc/monsters
• In world map – the monster detail is not functional
• In town map – the npc details are not filled
• In Dungeon – there is no npc/monsters
• [n] – small nav (?) acts like (X) close and exits the nav instead of show help.
• [L] – Dungeon information does not show Mars Dungeon
• Chat – System message box is cut on their aligned left side.
• [o] – Motion has a bug which types their motions (north,south,east,west) on general chat
• [i] -- inventory quantity is displayed by horrid contrast green colors
• [Options] – No beginner guide
• Menu – No Helper
• Menu – No coliseum button
• Flyff Shop button => 500 internal server error is still not fixed
• Cannot increase/decrease size of general chat. (Too small on resolutions 1440 wide & lower)
• Quit program / Log off has buttons not symmetrical
• Public Office still cannot trade 100m to Perins & vise versa
• Clicked names cannot be exited w/o ESC
• Character stats within the R4 Theme does not reveal [+] buttons or [Add/restat] buttons
• OBT themes do not allow view of accept quests – I had to random click to find the create guild buttons!!
• Skill slot placeholder for flyff-shop button is bugged. Cannot replace/overlap another skill.
• Monsters chase you & await to agro you if you leave & re-enter the dungeon.
• De-buffing enemies do not show on the monster’s new R4 bar like before.
• There is an excessive Action Slot ( C-key ) bug – It won’t function all the time
• Pet’s pick-up cards when not instructed to.
• Receiving an item on the mailbox makes the receive-item screen white. [screenshot attached]
• Guild contribution quest item box is disabled or un-viewable by new theme.
• Kingpins cannot withdraw penya (check box is still bugged)
• Supporters cannot withdraw items (check box is still bugged)
• - 10x EXP, 5x Drop Rate, 10x Penya(ontop of current rates) are not the real beta rates. It took me more than 1 hour to gather 4mil versus non beta live servers.
• Flarine monsters do not drop quest items!
• Max level dungeon is at lvl 175 making max level cap (lvl 195) pointless.

Interesting updates [Pros]:

• New log-in interface
• High-lighted char = character in-use for login
• Smaller Character PIN box
• Map now displays common monsters @ npc locations
• Map now displays monster detail with small 5x5 icons of monster locations
• Map displays two new areas: Coral Island, Dark Traseia within the Cash Shop Area category.
• Map displays new dungeon Euphresia maps, Dreadful Cave?
• Client can change between Classic (yellow), v19 (yellow) , and R4 themes (blue/black)
• /campusinvite =mentor pupil
• /connectagree =post connection status
• /position=(x,y) location on map
• /playerselectmode=on/off
• /stageagree=you joined the party? (what party exactly???)
• /Time=shows real time AND server Madrigal time
• [k] – Skill tree has only 3 jobs with beta cap of lvl 195.
• [e] – Messenger server name is fixed (thank goodness)
• [*] – removes menu
• [i] – trashcan moved to greater location
• New Monster Wiki Guide in-game
• Drop level in beta is decreased significantly making it based on your level so people do not abuse low-area-farming -- (double edge sword)
• Multi-clienting up to 16 or more works with the new OBT launcher.

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