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Post by Bear on Wed Jun 20, 2012 5:24 pm

[PAWS] Regulations 150095_10151437435480421_1093461611_n
All content below may subject to change as admins see fit.
Please read thoroughly and be respectful at all times.
Keep away from breaking the rules and have fun! ~ Thank you
Access to any Gw2MC services is a privilege not a right!

[PAWS] Regulations Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSLzGCHKjx1RmpuEzdFv4jOw5Bq6X95vbXDWxMNGpqZG6O5zXnX&t=1

  • I. Purpose
  • II. Staff Regulations
  • II-A. Social Punishments
  • II-B. Communication Punishments
  • III. Other Community Rule Links
  • IV. Crime Report
  • V. Messengers

I. Purpose:
In this group, we will focus in the photos and videos or more media topics, as armor looks, character creation and more, come join us and show us your character and which profession or any videos!! This is a place to chill out with your family and friends regardless of age group they are in!

II. Teddy Bears Staff & Regulations:
Teddy Bears [PAWS] is a PvX Casual-Hardcore no representation, no age and no region required guild. With that said, the following below are what I like to put as "common sense rules". If you adhere to common sense every day at your job, home and with friends and never got into trouble then you won't have to worry about it. However, humans make mistakes and it's natural to be wrong sometimes. So please direct a few minutes of your attention to the following rules and regulations to briefly become accustomed to them.

Forum Staff:

Guild Staff:
Check the list of officers on the guild roster menu by pressing (Hot-Key G)

"Brain, not brawn, will change the world." -- Zojja [Asura]
II-A. Social Punishments (This includes Staff)
Rule1st Offense2nd Offense3rd Offense4th Offense
Negative Account NamesPerm BanPerm BanPerm BanPerm Ban
Harassment/SpamWarningUnable to create PostsAdmin DecisionPerm Ban
Admin ImpersonationWarningUnable to create PostsPerm BanPerm Ban
Staff ToolingIgnoreWarningAdmin DecisionPerm Ban
HackingPerm BanPerm BanPerm BanPerm Ban
II-B. Communication Punishments (This includes C3 Members)
Rule1st Offense2nd Offense3rd Offense4th Offense
Account NamesWarning1 Day Suspension3 Days SuspensionPerm Ban
HarrassmentWarning1 Day SuspensionAdmin DecisionPerm Ban
Rule BreakingWarning1-3 Day Suspension1-3 Week SuspensionPerm Ban
i. Creating Account names:
When creating an account name the following must be considered:

  • Current Staff (no gm/admin/dev/etc impersonation ~> bannable offense)
  • Objectionable Language (racist, profanity, derogatory, sexual content)
  • Names that have been created that are deemed inappropriate will be asked to be removed by a Forum staff member. (i.e Foreskin)

ii. Excessive Begging - Absolutely not allowed.

iii. Harassment/Spam - Depending on the level of severity, different consequential situations might occur from these violations. Everywhere you go, you will find a ZERO-TOLERANCE POLICY, basically stating that under no circumstance is spamming or harassment overlooked in our communities nor will it be tolerated.
Methods of harassment include (but not limited to):

  1. Repeatedly Private Messaging PMS-Aggressive content
  2. Whispering someone In-Game and forums with threats
  3. Massive Insulting here or proven elsewhere.

iii-A. Flaming - Absolutely not allowed. Offensive posts such as Flame baiting or those that violate the rules or Terms of Service will be removed without warning

iv. Admin Impersonation & Tooling - Claiming to know or be a Staff Member In-Game, and using them to gain an edge in an argument (i.e. I know... And he'll/she'll ban you) is Staff-tooling, and will be dealt with a high grade punishment.

v. Administration Disrespect -

  • Severe disrespect toward any Staff member may result from a warning to a ban depending on how serious the disrespect was at given situation.
  • Remember that the staff are volunteers. They commute to help you on their own time. There should be no reason for staff disrespect whatsoever.
  • Should you have any problem with Staff, talk to a moderator-approved community volunteer.

vi. Hacking - Using any form of third party software, or exploiting any In-Game bug-to get an advantage over this forum, Group pages, C3, or in-game will result in a high grade punishment.

"The weakling and the fool find no place among the charr.."
vii. Important Staff information:

  1. You MUST Follow membership rules! [No slide exception regardless WHO you are]!
  2. You may NOT Harass nor disrespect players in anyway shape or form.
  3. If you are unsure with how to handle the situation, any high-level action must be reported to a high-level admin for further investigation before implemented.
  4. You may not appoint anyone to staff unless discussed by staff.
  5. If you are caught doing any illegal listings, you may be stripped of rank and warned.

III. Other Community Rule Links:

[PAWS] Regulations Crimereport_160x80
IV. Crime Report

  1. If you wish to report someone breaking the forum rules, you can do so by reporting a post using the [!, REPORT, (\)] buttons.
  2. PM'ing a moderator or listed Administrator.
  3. Please do not quote reply any questionable content from others, as it makes a moderator’s job more difficult.
  4. Similarly, please do not challenge a moderator's decision with a flaming attitude that can get you into deeper trouble.
  5. If, for whatever reason, you do not understand and/or we don't state a rule in a situation you are unsure is safe, please contact any listed Administrator A.S.A.P!

"If you are bold enough, your legend will live forever." -- Eri [Norn]

  • Rules Apply to EVERYONE! Admins have the authority and RIGHT to modify; delete; or move any rule, or post at any given time.
  • Everyone is equal, therefore all members should have equal respect when following the rules.
  • Do not create your own community and add our members if you disapprove of our rules. If this community is not in par with your niche, then leave!
  • We will ban anybody who violates these rules, or anybody that we see fit to ban. Bans are not to be discussed in public.

V. Messenger: https://discordapp.com/invite/WgTE8zj

Guild Permissions:
Dear members,

I would like to introduce to you our guild's ranks and what permissions each rank has in accordance.

Note: Ex-Echo members that transfer to Teddy Bears automatically gain the rank of "care-bear" due to my knowledge of their character when I was an ex-officer of Echo in charge of roster Excel sheet.

Guild Permissions
Edit Ranks - M
Edit Guild Emblem - M
Claim / Unclaim WvW Forts - M W
Queue Upgrades - M W C
Modify Upgrade in Progress - M W C
Activate Built Upgrades - M W C

Admin Lower Ranks. - M W C F
Edit Message of the Day. - M W
Display Guild Emblem. - M W V C B L
Guild Stash Deposit - M W V C B L F
Guild Stash Withdraw. - M W C B
Treasure Trove Deposit. - M W V C B F
Treasure Trove Withdraw. - M W
New Members Here. - L

Guild Ranks
(Guild Leader) Master Bear - M
(Commanders) War Bears - W
(Vacation Rank) Vacation Bears - V
(Officers) Care Bears - C
(Members) Member Bears - B
(Recruits) Little Paws - L
(Guesting Rank) Foreign Bears - F

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