SexyToys - Division Leader Application

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SexyToys - Division Leader Application

Post by Admin_Bear on Fri Jun 22, 2012 7:03 pm

For the first time in 5+ years, I will be appointing a leader board for SexyToys as Division leaders. These members will have a special required Bear License in order to establish and manage SexyToys Sub-Channel Guilds in various games and servers. They will be able to utilize the name SexyToys as their guild only if their contract (found below) is approved.

Note: This is not for constructing a SexyToys branch (i.e DemonToys). This is actually giving authority in creating SexyToys Divisions that will represent each server from now and on.

The only catch-requirements however are the following:

SexyToys - Bear License Contract

This contract defines and establishes agreed-upon rules and guidelines to apply for a position as a SexyToys Division Leader:

{Leader's Name}, {Email Address}

{Co Leader 1st's Name}, {Email Address} --- Optional

{Co Leader 2nd's Name}, {Email Address}  --- Optional

{Co Leader 3rd's Name}, {Email Address}  --- Optional


Each Division will meet at least once or twice times each month to work on the future of SexyToys as a whole. Times and location will be decided and announced within our facebook page. Further meetings will be scheduled as necessary. Members will agree upon division of labor for individual or partner activities. A group leader may only be elected by a new contract submission from the elected candidates of that division.


The Group will abide by the following code of conduct: Site Regulation. Strategies for maintaining this conduct are found throughout each forum. Members MUST check in by registering on this site in order to share information and remain updated on each project's progress.


  • SexyToys Division applicants must follow ALL of our site rules.
  • SexyToys Division applicants and their members must utilize and register within this site only to promote the SexyToys community.
  • SexyToys Division applicants cannot break their application contract once approved or else they will require to disband their guild/clan applied.
  • SexyToys Division applicants have to use the contract below on their application filled when submitting.
  • SexyToys Division applicants must include a Branch Application to be included within the "Division Channels"Category for forum amount creation.
  • SexyToys Division applicants must choose an available Division that is not Locked. Applicants can challenge right to lead on unlocked-taken spaces however.


If there are any infractions of the contract's stipulations, the following actions or consequences will be applied: Site Regulation.

Members violating the contract will receive some warning(s) before action is taken.

I acknowledge that I agree to the above contract and will pursue all qualifications in this new SexyToys opportunity! Below my signature, signed in electronic blood, will characterize my devotion toward this community, and of the founder's rules to the highest expectation!

Sign [Type]:

(Division Leader's Signature)

(Date -Required)

Once your done, submit your applications within the Application Desk!

[Founder & Leader of SexyToys since 2006]
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