It's been a blast being in the company and service to one of the most
enduring community guilds for the best flyforfun private server ever

As one of the oldest veterans in this game, I have always felt that
contributing to the community was the responsibility passed down by the
peers who introduced me to Korean Flyff, a long time ago. Now that I
have been cared-for under this privileged environment full of many
leaders - I am ready to pass the torch of leadership to the next

Now, most of you might have not seen much of SexyToys's events &
probably do not know much about us to compare. However, even though we
didn't do much public p-v-p actions, our goals were all accomplished and
fulfilled by each member.

In my heart, it has been a great honor to have had the privilege of
working with all of you and enjoying time here in Fame.  I learned many
new things from everyone in this server.
(Including the ones I wasn't fond too much of).
Everything that I
envisioned from the start of this game has come to pass and I await to
see more new ideas carve thee infrastructure for the greater good of the
future, just like our guild started from an idea and worked its way now
to one of the largest Branched Networks in many playable servers!
Therefore, like my peers prior to my long stay - I feel it is time for
me to part ways with FlyForFame.

SexyToys will always live in FlyforFame as a role-model for envision
opportunist community guilds even though I will not be there to see how
it all turns out. The whole game & files will be removed from my HD
and although this appears to be goodbye - it isn't to the very least.

I will always be found below:

Important Contact Information

  1. Current Guild Web-Forum:
  2. MSN Group:

Do not think of this as a permanent farewell! The in-active guild will
still be there, along with all of my un-deleted characters & any
member within it will always be welcomed to cherish and stay.
On my lesser work days, I might be found on the forums and on my most busiest; I will be found on the SexyToys Branch Forums.

We will always stay in touch as I will work hard this year to graduate
with my dual Computer Science - Hardware & Software Bachelor degrees
& whether or not you follow SexyToys's legacy in our Network Forum
filled with many branches hosted by our own members, "Once a Toy, will
always be a Toy" & you will always be thought and respected as my

Special Thanks to:

  • Former & Present Members {A~Z}:
  • DarkSilent - For the
    most Epic & dedicated environment of game-play I have seen in
    FlyForFun private servers. Keep carrying on the server progress and
    never let anyone put you down! You & your team have done a well
    deserved great job!

  • LadyMoon - For your gentle welcome and recreational help on in-game problems
  • Perpie - For scarifying me half to death as a transy.
  • Green - For loving Green things & lending some software insight
  • Rokan - For every cent of welcome you have provided & still do :3

  • nazgul - For the good, the bad and the soon to come times :]
  • Jonster / Firewall /
    Ashtray - I have not seen either of you much, but I do thank you for the
    progressed help I have received from either of you within forums

  • Prototype - For always being there since early beta & never forgetting who we are :3