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Perks of a Commander Empty Perks of a Commander

Post by Bear on Fri Feb 15, 2013 1:03 am

Seeing new members afford their compendium these days, beckons the need to introduce certain perks and advice in how to strategically use it well. Within this thread, you will find guides, visuals (videos/pictures) and discussion by already well established commanders in the battlefield.

I. Perks of a Commander:

II. Jobs

  • Raiding supply camps (be sure to avoid camps that has been taken within the last 5 minutes, as the main defender will have a strong buff)
  • Raiding small forts with a ram (requires at least 4 person to be able to built it if untouched by the enemy)
  • Scouting: intelligence is a need for every strategist. Being able to provide insight on the enemy progress will help the leaders to choose the right course of action.
  • Raiding big camps: there are times, when huge battle occurs. And during these phases, a well organised group may be able to gain control of a big fort. Of course, you will need rams and thus enough supply...

III. Keeping the Peace with players
There are certain times when there is less than a small window to spend nagging with others. Either during a wall being destroyed and "hold the line" moment or during a moment when both enemy servers decide to randomly team up on you and you have to lead both offense and defense.

Regardless, another job commanders have is maintaining focus. There are lots of players in the map, most obviously found in our main borderlands, to just have nothing better to do than troll and disturb the process of communication. Even though it may drive you off the wall, do not feel tempted to aggro the trolls on team chat. If you don't put attention to them and you follow up on driving a team with other commanders you will gain positive attention and the trolls will eventually die down or log off.

IV. Keeping the Peace with other Commanders.
Following up on the 3rd point; at most times during a confrontation or "heated" attack, some commanders tend to feel insecure and forget that they are leading the map. As frustrating as this is, some might debate your tactic if they catch you doing something unproductive on the map you are currently in.

  • "Take it by the horns!": If you know you are going to feel insecure about certain actions made on team chat, before typing "RETREAT!" or "FALL BACK TO INNER KEEP" you might want to calmly consult with others by giving important intelligence and supporting your reason. If you aren't convinced and you still feel like withdrawing, then do so with your own squad. Unless the whole map is direly agreeing with you, don't tell others to pull back when other (more than one) commanders are doing the opposite or else you might come off as rude or others might tell you not to "freak out every time the enemy does something."

  • "Care-bear No-No's"

    After our Tier 3 match with Mag | DB; there is a lesson to learn from the end and that is not to wear your commander's tag on if you are going to do something domestically unrelated to capping the map. While this is practically telling you what to do, it's supposed to be just mere advice.

    Whether you are scouting, long-distance trebbing, or doing domestic affairs with the enemy by shaking their hand and laughing with them - don't wear your tag! There is a long list of reasons but the most important one is that by placing your commander's tag on the map and fooling around with the enemy, you are distracting other players on the map to not help cap points and be productive by providing defense. The last thing you want to do is drop your guard toward the enemy by culling all forces towards you for an insignificant reason!

    Bottom-line: Only use your tag when defending/attacking enemies with a group. If you do not have the INTENT to lead, do not put it on!

  • "Communication" - Each commander should start logging on team speak if you are going to provide Full server support. If you just logged in to do an exclusive guild event then you don't have to but if you are going to provide aid to other commanders and players, then it is recommended that you also get on the community team speak.

    Communication is a big part of WvW for both members and commanders alike. A commander's power is as equal to any guild leader's power within the leadership aspect. Our strength comes from how strong our communication is to our player-base and back. Numbers do not mean a thing in WvW. You can have a full 5-player party with siege spread out and take down 20-60 enemy players in defense no problem. 1 Commander can take 5-8 or more down depending on their build. So numbers aren't an issue. As noted back in "Taking it by the horns" point; communication on /s (say), /m (map), /p (party), /t (team) and even /squad chats are seriously important to use.

    Remember, WvW is not GvG; it's Full server vs Full server. Therefore whether you require supply or you need defenders at your spot; use the chat to connect to players! In certain prime times you will often see players from different guilds join FA community team speak.  Talk to them! Ask them if they can provide assistance! Consult your ideas with them, as they might fix loops in your plan! Never treat any player or commander down if you are unwilling to step your game up and communicate with others!

  • "Whispering other commanders": Unless you & the person of interest has a large window of time; please keep whispers civil and brief. Some commanders do not even pay attention to /whisper chat because they focus more on team speak and /team chat. Depending on the commander of interest, you might want to keep notes of what is the best communication device/method and then use it with that person of interest so that both of you gain full attention and the most out of it.

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