PAWS Recruitment Thread

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PAWS Recruitment Thread

Post by Paranormalbear on Fri Feb 15, 2013 1:42 pm

Paranormal Bear.2539 Founded Teddy Bears [LOVE] in GW2 BWE2
Paranormal Bear.2539 Founded Teddy Bears [PAWS] in GW2 02/14/2013


Status Key:
Open - Green
Closed - Red
Guild Wars 2  >> Fort Aspenwood [NA] Recruitment STATUS: OPEN

[Promotion Video coming soon]

Our Communication

  1. Current Guild Web-Forum:
  2. Current Guild IRC: n/a
  3. Current Guild C3: Channel "SexyToys GN"
  4. Current Guild TS3:
  5. MSN Group:
  6. Facebook Group:
  7. & Much More located via forums.

SexyToys Achievements

  1. Top 5 Known guild in Guild Siege
  2. Raid
  3. Invasion
  4. CW - timed
  5. CW - Myras | Zyrna Alpha CW
  6. Over 300 Costumed Guild Events
  7. Over 140 Members ever to have enlisted as a Toy
  8. Several Staff members from different games.
  9. Over 220,000 member hours logged.
  10. Server-Wide Events in Guild Wars 2
  11. and much more!

Membership Regulations
Common Sense Rules

  • Must adhere to our Forum Regulations in and out of the guild. (Common Sense)
  • Must inform someone when you are leaving for vacation or long periods of time.
  • No religion, politics, or hate speech is allowed (outside of the Flame Wars forums). Severe punishments for breaking this rule.
  • No insults about a persons race, religion, or sex will be tolerated.
  • Respect all members of the guild, regardless of what yours or their rank is. This also applies to officers in heated officers-members confrontations as I don't play favorites.
  • "Once a Bear, Always a Bear" - Please keep this in mind as you apply to become one of us.
  • Flamers, Drama Seekers, Ignorant users, Immature players are not welcomed & will be rejected.
  • No Language Barrier; however I do ask that you somewhat understand and adhere to all rules, announcements, events provided.
  • No Level Barrier! That's right, your lvl 1 is welcomed, just make sure to follow the rules and we'll help you get started Smile

Application Rules

  • No Application required. Register at our forums, ask for an invite in the correct forum or to the correct officer, and you will be invited!
  • No Age Requirement involved.
  • No Rep Requirement although if you want to participate with the guild, you must represent at your convenience.

Once you are in, be sure to introduce yourselves in our community's Cafe!

[Founder & Leader of SexyToys since 2006]
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