[KIB] KittensInBlack Rules

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[KIB] KittensInBlack Rules

Post by Admin_Bear on Mon 10 Aug 2015 - 1:10

Please read this thoroughly as it is subjected to change in the near future!
Also be courteous to other players. We value our players and their ages so
please do not prompt anything that would get you banned in forums or in
game within any guilds or clans.
[Thank you]

Access to these boards is a privilege not a right!
KittensInBlack [KIB] is managed by the ToyGamer community.

ToyGamers Policy: http://toygamers.forumotion.com/t16-site-regulations-tos
PokeMMO FAQ: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/55128-frequently-asked-questions/

KIB Leadership Structure:

KIB BOSS - Master Saber (Admin_Bear aka Engineer Bear aka ParanormalBear)
Executive - MyrhDragneel
Commander - Talvybear (Talvian, Nihil)

Rank Structure Acquisition:

  • Commander Rank (Recruiting): Chosen by Executives, CL's & Boss.
  • Officer Rank: Appointed
  • Member Rank: Entry-level rank
  • Grunt Rank (Naughty rank): You will get this rank if you earned a strike for breaking rules.

Membership Requirements

  • No age requirement to join or use these Toy Gamer services.
  • Supported Languages: English, Spanish
  • Must have a good attitude & have fun

In-game Team Rules

  1. No scamming!
  2. No flooding chats!
  3. Try not to be an -eedy (Greedy, Needy, Leety, or Cheaty)!
  4. Help when you can!
  5. 3 strike rule. Do not argue with officers. Use the Report Forum instead!

General Rules:
IF NSFW, please add [NSFW] to your forum title!

Report Forum

- You can view the Forum & Create a topic
- You cannot edit or view other topics
- You cannot reply to created topic
- A forum moderator [ANBU] will immediately check your ticket within 48 hours.

Ticket Format: (Please Provide)
- Game Name
- Guild / Team
- Problem Topic Title (i.e Scamming, Harassment, etc)
- Inquiry/Problem/Complaint
- Best time to contact you for a follow-up (if required)

Trading Forum

- No scams (anyone caught scamming by screenshot will be removed no warning!)
Format requirements:

  • Must have an image screenshot of EV/IV of said PKMN that will be traded.

Guide Tavern Forum

- Please provide credit to the original author if you the content belongs to someone else than you.
- If content belongs to someone else, please also include the owner's link either on the top of the message body.

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