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Dragonite's Delivery Service! Empty Dragonite's Delivery Service!

Post by Bear on Sat Aug 15, 2015 8:27 am

Dragonite's Delivery Service! Dragon10
Welcome to Dragonite's Mail Delivery Service!

Please use this format within your replies for trades:

Nature: Modest
IVs: 21-22 18-19 24-25 29-30 23-24 26-27
EV Spread: 6 HP 252 SpAtk 252 SpDef
Move Set: Metal Sound, Reflect, Thunderbolt, Tri Attack [Hidden Power: Flying]
Cost: ?-? pokedollars

Please use this format to request PKMN capture if you need/want for pokedex:
Preferred Nature (OPTIONAL)
Preferred Move set (OPTIONAL if you want certain HM on it)

To request an EXPERT PKMN Breeder to breed/ EV Train your PKMN, submit this form:

Duration of contract
Bargained cost of contract
Best time and location to contact

Modified Rules for in-game Trades: wrote:The trading subforum is for trading in-game possessions and in-game money (Pokedollars), but keep the following rules in mind:

  • No kinds of goods/possessions outside of our services may be traded.
  • Only one thread may be open at a time per person.
  • Posts that do not contribute to the trade or otherwise have no reason to be there are considered spam and will be moved or removed.
  • No begging. Just ask us or make a request thread here = we don't bite.
  • Bumping your thread is fine.
  • When creating your thread: Have a relevant title, provide as much information as possible, and be reasonable. It may also help to include your in-game name.
  • The Code of Conduct always applies.

If you would like your thread to be closed, simply request for an admin/mod to lock it and it shall be done. Note that once it's locked, it's locked for-ev-er! 

We would recommend editing your existing thread rather than starting a new one as you will not be allowed to make a new thread until your existing one is closed.

Threads will be not be trashed. It will remain as long as it does not violate our rules.

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