Fall 2015 Newsletters

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Fall 2015 Newsletters

August 15, 2015

~ Fall 2015 Newsletter! ~


  1. Current Status
  2. Coming Soon
  3. Expectations

2015 Division
Welcome Toygamers for another exciting newsletter! While I feel the forums have become neglected just a tad bit with the usage of other services (i.e Facebook & Twitter), It's great to continue to keep in touch with all of you here and promoting this wonderful community!

We currently play the following games:

  • InsanityFlyff, MagmaFlyff
  • Guild Wars Trilogy
  • Guild Wars 2
  • PokeMMO
  • Pokemon Showdown
  • Minecraft (PC version)
  • Skyforge Beta
  • DOTA 2 (Steam version)
  • AQW

& More

Coming Soon

  • PokeMMO PTS August 2015
  • Rise of Punching Babies Sept 2015
  • Heart of Thornes Release ~ Oct 2015
  • Kingdom Hearts 3/ Fire Emblem Fates later updates
  • Skyforge Launch Date
  • Old & New Guild Events
  • Basic Combat Training for Bear Nov 2015

& Much more!


  • Forums have become laxed. Please review rules & continue to promote forums!
  • If you are 18+ please apply at http://onepact.net/othergamesapp to access Teamspeak 3!
  • I will leave to Army BCT this November and come back in around 8-9 months to continue with my ROTC program. Please listen well to our assigned division leaders & continue to make this place a safe haven for gamers of all ages!

"Once a Toy, Always a Toy"

Stay Sexy!

~ MrBearToy [Founder/Clan GM]

[Founder & Leader of SexyToys since 2006]
"Perception Is Reality" -- Casey, UNT 08

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