Aug 15-18 PTS

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Aug 15-18 PTS

Post by Paranormalbear on Sat Aug 15, 2015 7:45 pm
What were your experiences?
What new updates were made?

Update list:
1. New animated Login UI + Announcements (lower left)

2. New ROM, Mod and Account Management (lower right)
Kyu wrote:Players using IPS patches to modify their ROM files for modified sprites or language support may have issues from this patch onward. Please use the external modding tools to continue client mods.
- New Music (.midi) format support + sound is now leveled (does not blast!)
- Use /r {TAB} to cycle through old usernames.

3. New Breeding UI (CONFIRMED)
Kyu wrote:The breeding preview UI shows what the expected child of a parent combination will be.

  • This includes Moves, IVs, and Natures with brief explanations of why a child will inherit each stat or move.

Fixes & Tweaks


  • Pre-evolutions' moves within a species tree are now always available to the final evolution via the Move Relearner.
  • Egg Moves inherited by a child are now always available from the Move Relearner

Bug Fixes

  • Externalized many strings for modification in strings xml.
  • Externalized clock sprites for modification in themes
  • Added support for Latin-Extended characters in the battle font
  • Happiness no longer increases if leveling up while in the Day Care.
  • Players now dismount their bikes while fishing.
  • When starting to spectate a PvP battle, the player you started spectating will now always be the 'bottom' player.
  • Fixed animations in the Gift Shop 'Preview' window rendering far more than necessary.
  • Fixed various issues with Ribbons.
  • Fixed an issue where more than one control key could be bound to the same key.
  • Fixed HUD buttons not scaling with text.
  • Fixed HI JUMP KICK caster receiving 2x Crash damage if Crashing on PROTECT/DETECT.
  • Fixed HI JUMP KICK dealing Crash damage based on potential damage instead of actual.
  • Fixed species linked via Whispers showing raw links instead of their resolved links to the whisperer.
  • Fixed elevators showing the wrong map name.
  • Fixed Makeover Kit being able to spawn >1 prompt dialogue.
  • Left-clicking anywhere on a server notification will now close it.
  • Fixed various issues where the GUI's draggable coordinates would not accurately match the visuals of the UI.
  • Fixed opponent's name not showing up at the beginning of a PvP battle.
  • Fixed LIGHT SCREEN / REFLECT reducing too much damage in Double Battles.
  • Fixed message when starting a double battle with only one party member.
  • Fixed incorrect warp @ 1 8 19 4
  • Fixed 'Bikable' permissions on various Emerald water route maps.
  • Fixed an issue where multiple channel change dialogues could be spawned
  • Fixed several issues with the Town Map dialogue
  • Fixed several image scaling issues
  • Full Restores can no longer be wasted on a healthy party member

My Bug Thread

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