Fall 2016 Newsletter!

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Fall 2016 Newsletter!


Howdy everyone! Here is what you need to know for the next few months:

  • I changed the website template to feel a little livelier. If you have a template in mind or you want me to revert it back to the old one, let me know!
  • ALL ancient threads dating 2015 and prior have been locked to avoid necroing the old threads. You will need to create new ones. Make it lively ya?
  • ALL thread formats have been fixed for the new template. ALL super light colors have been changed to darker - able to see - colors.
  • ALL links, videos and pictures have been updated including the Site Regulations + TOS thread and the portals for welcome, guild wars content & ustream!

Gaming Calendar with Aspiring Brotherhood [PACT]: https://teamup.com/ksc3e82c560188d55c#/
Important highlights are streamed on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/sexytoysgn

Important Gamers Giving Back (Nonprofit Breast Cancer Awareness) Events:
Planning meeting for PDiLA (October 22nd), PDiAA (October 8th) and Quaggan Waddle (September 24th)
Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/681492448673107/

ADD ME to your friends list for more gaming activities:

  • Nintendo 3DS: 5000-5549-3233
  • Nintendo WiiU: ParanormalBear
  • PlayStation Network: MrBearToy88
  • Microsoft XBOX Live: MrBearToy
  • Steam:http://steamcommunity.com/id/mrbeartoy
  • Guild Wars Trilogy: Paranormal Bear
  • Guild Wars 2: Paranormal Bear.2539
  • PokeMMO: ParanormalBear
  • SWTOR: (dark) Paranormalbear, Fated Saber; (light) Celestial One, Asylias
  • Minecraft PC: MasterSaber

"Once a Toy, Always a Toy"

~ MrBear

[Founder & Leader of SexyToys since 2006]
"Perception Is Reality" -- Casey, UNT 08

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 3DS FC is 5000-5549-3233
Wii U FC is ParanormalBear
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