Spring 2017 Newsletter!

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Spring 2017 Newsletter!


These are the top 5 titles we are currently playing:

  • [PACT] Guild Wars 2
  • [PACT] Star Wars The Old Republic
  • [PACT] Ark Survival Evolved (steam)
  • [PACT] Creativerse (steam)
  • [PACT] Final Fantasy XIV (steam)

These games have been moved to casual-inactive status but the guilds in them are still playable:

  • [TOYS] Fly For Fun
  • [TOYS] Guild Wars Trilogy
  • [PACT] Minecraft (PC)
  • Pokémon GO
  • Kingdom Hearts Unchained/Union X (mobile)
  • [TOYS] PokéMMO

Due to computer downtime, you may find many players (like Kashi) playing ESO via XBL. I strongly encourage everyone, regardless of what you play to register at http://www.onepact.net/ to be promoted in pact-related games and within the pact-team speak server!

Super highlights:

  1. Kingdom Hearts X Unchained is having an AP 0 campaign for NINE days and an epic shop for TWELVE days! If you need to catch-up in the story or farm for medals (this is the optimal time to do just that!) Expect to see lux bonuses during the NA evenings!
  2. Guild Wars 2 PACT Guild has made changes to their raid & event times.
  3. SWTOR Dark & Light guilds are becoming more active by the day. If you are interested in playing either hop on TS3, discord or let me know via Messenger so I can add you to the guilds! The game is now free to play so don't feel discouraged by picking it up!
  4. ARK Survival is SAVAGE AF! It's an amazing game with beautiful dino graphics! If you play this game on steam (pc), please play in our PACT server! There's an entire crew waiting to help you get started!

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