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PACT is People Actively CooperatingTogether
The following are our known factions for each of the western-ENGLISH servers:

Harbringer server (NA)
Aspiring Brotherhood | Dark Aspirations
Shattered Spirits | Darkened Spirits

Bergen Colony (NA)
Shattered Spirits | Legion of Cookies

Jedi Covenant Republic (NA)
Shattered Spirits | Galifrey Falls No More

Shadowlands (NA)
Masters of The Lost Souls | Darkened Spirits

Ebon Hawk (NA)
Shattered Spirits | Darkened Spirits

Prophecy of the Five (NA)

The Bastion (NA)
Darkened Spirits

Jung Ma (NA)

Red Eclipse (EU)
Kings of the Republic | Kings of the Iron Age

Progenitor (EU)
Sapphire Blades

Tomb of Freedom Nadd (EU)

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