Beregen Colony Factions

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Beregen Colony Factions

Post by Paranormalbear on Mon Jun 05, 2017 4:50 pm

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PACT is People Actively CooperatingTogether

"In PACT we are family, here for the same things: to play together and have fun. We are a group of gamers connected by strong bonds of friendship, built on the principles of cooperation and loyalty, we offer our community an organized, structured, and unified place to call home."

Main Factions

  •  Dark Cookies - Imperial


  • Be over 18 years of age. 
  • Follow our guild policy.
  • Respect fellow brothers and sisters.
  • Have fun! If you are not having fun then we are not doing our job.

- No level limit
- Alt Friendly
- Alliance Friendly (We love allies, you scratch our back, we scratch yours!)
- Growing %REP/ %EXP in each Faction Guild.
- Safe, Mature & Family oriented place for sense of humor allowed
- Casual / PvE (Player vs. Environment) including SM (Story Mode) and HM (HM/Heroic Missions)
- Guild Goodies (I.e: Bank, Stronghold, GTN, resources & more)
- Flexibility in Website | TeamSpeak | Facebook | Twitter | Reddit
- Multi Gaming Community (We play PC & Console games)
- Non Profit Organization

If we are right for you: Apply at

May The Force Be With You!
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