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DCUO Membership and Subscription Rate Empty DCUO Membership and Subscription Rate

Post by Bear on Mon Jun 05, 2017 5:04 pm

DCUO Membership is not required to play the game. All Downloadable Content can be purchased through the game cash store via special currencies for PC and PS users or directly via credit card in the PlayStation store.

Membership perks (all consoles): Access to all DLC Packs, 150 Free Replay Badges, Monthly Unlimited Prometheum Lockbox Unlocks, Unlimited in-game currency (Access to Escrow),  More Inventory Slots, Free daily Vault Access, Form a League, 14 Additional character slots, 20 Broker slots, 36 Additional Bank slots, Trade items and cash

Membership Exclusive content to PlayStation and Xbox users: grants 500 Loyalty Points, instead of Daybreak Cash, which is exclusive to the PC game.

Virtual Currency: https://www.dcuniverseonline.com/shop/virtual-currency
PC has Daybreak Cash (DB) while PS and Xbox has Marketplace Cash (MC)

[th]Sub Monthly[/th][th]Original Fee[/th][th]Total after Tax[/th][th]console[/th]
1-month14.99 USD16.19 USDPC, PS & Xbox
3-month38.99 USD40.19 USDPC, PS & Xbox
6-month71.99 USD73.19 USDPC, PS
DCUO Membership and Subscription Rate A8Q0XeP

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