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Fall 2017 Newsletter

Whether you are new or a veteran gamer, thank you everyone for helping us survive more than 12 years together as gaming community!

I wanted to wish all of you a Merry belated X-mas and also a fabulous new year! I hope everyone's wishes come true this coming 2018 and that many positives arrive at each individual's doorstep!

Here's a few things to look forward to:

  • Spot created a discord for us to use: https://discordapp.com/invite/WgTE8zj
  • Discord is a free voice over IP application that you can download on mobile and computer.
  • With the use of our discord server, there will be fun and interesting changes coming up in social media!
  • Website has been updated with current and active links.
  • Community rules may have some changes coming this new year as we will be focusing on integrating discord with gaming.

Here is your safety brief for the holidays:

1. Don't drink without a buddy.
2. Don't drive intoxicated. If you see a buddy trying to drive intoxicated. Take their keys!
3. Don't accept candy from strangers unless you have a buddy or bear.
4. Vary your routes or accompany/be accompanied by someone.
5. If you are military, be careful with wear in uniform. Don't take bad chances.
6. When in doubt, whip it out (ask)
7. "Warhead on Foreheads" does not apply here.
8. Give all enemies defeat!!!
9. Don't beat your wife, Don't beat someone else's wife.
10. Don't beat your husband, Don't beat someone else's husband.
11. Don't go to jail during the new years eve holiday.
12. Lastly, do not do anything Charr Jesus wouldn't do!

Lots of amazing things planned for the upcoming new year as we continue to evolve bringing many opportunities to gamers within the community! Time to make history!

"Once a Toy, Always a Toy"

Admin Bear

Spring 2017 Newsletter

These are the top 5 titles we are currently playing:

  • [PACT] Guild Wars 2
  • [PACT] Star Wars The Old Republic
  • [PACT] Ark Survival Evolved (steam)
  • [PACT] Creativerse (steam)
  • [PACT] Final Fantasy XIV (steam)

These games have been moved to casual-inactive status but the guilds in them are still playable:

  • [TOYS] Fly For Fun
  • [TOYS] Guild Wars Trilogy
  • [PACT] Minecraft (PC)
  • Pokémon GO
  • Kingdom Hearts Unchained/Union X (mobile)
  • [TOYS] PokéMMO

Due to computer downtime, you may find many players (like Kashi) playing ESO via XBL. I strongly encourage everyone, regardless of what you play to register at http://www.onepact.net/ to be promoted in pact-related games and within the pact-team speak server!

Super highlights:

  1. Kingdom Hearts X Unchained is having an AP 0 campaign for NINE days and an epic shop for TWELVE days! If you need to catch-up in the story or farm for medals (this is the optimal time to do just that!) Expect to see lux bonuses during the NA evenings!
  2. Guild Wars 2 PACT Guild has made changes to their raid & event times.
  3. SWTOR Dark & Light guilds are becoming more active by the day. If you are interested in playing either hop on TS3, discord or let me know via Messenger so I can add you to the guilds! The game is now free to play so don't feel discouraged by picking it up!
  4. ARK Survival is SAVAGE AF! It's an amazing game with beautiful dino graphics! If you play this game on steam (pc), please play in our PACT server! There's an entire crew waiting to help you get started!

"Once a Toy, Always a Toy"

~ MrBear

Fall 2016 Newsletter

Howdy everyone! Here is what you need to know for the next few months:

  • I changed the website template to feel a little livelier. If you have a template in mind or you want me to revert it back to the old one, let me know!
  • ALL ancient threads dating 2015 and prior have been locked to avoid necroing the old threads. You will need to create new ones. Make it lively ya?
  • ALL thread formats have been fixed for the new template. ALL super light colors have been changed to darker - able to see - colors.
  • ALL links, videos and pictures have been updated including the Site Regulations + TOS thread and the portals for welcome, guild wars content & ustream!

Gaming Calendar with Aspiring Brotherhood [PACT]: https://teamup.com/ksc3e82c560188d55c#/
Important highlights are streamed on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/sexytoysgn

Important Gamers Giving Back (Nonprofit Breast Cancer Awareness) Events:
Planning meeting for PDiLA (October 22nd), PDiAA (October 8th) and Quaggan Waddle (September 24th)
Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/681492448673107/

[MERGED] 2015-2017 Newsletters 14021582_10153936069187992_7421804649979539460_n

ADD ME to your friends list for more gaming activities:

  • Nintendo 3DS: 5000-5549-3233
  • Nintendo WiiU: ParanormalBear
  • PlayStation Network: MrBearToy88
  • Microsoft XBOX Live: MrBearToy
  • Steam:http://steamcommunity.com/id/mrbeartoy
  • Guild Wars Trilogy: Paranormal Bear
  • Guild Wars 2: Paranormal Bear.2539
  • PokeMMO: ParanormalBear
  • SWTOR: (dark) Paranormalbear, Fated Saber; (light) Celestial One, Asylias
  • Minecraft PC: MasterSaber

"Once a Toy, Always a Toy"

~ MrBear

Spring 2016 Newsletter
Happy Bear-late New Years everyone!

Bear is back from military training and with a bunch of console games to play!

The following were purchased/are currently owned:

New community events for the month of March 2016:

  • MAR12-26 Fire Emblem Fates: Group Castle Visit
  • MAR12 GW2: Guild Night with [PACT]
  • MAR13-27 Multiplayer Bonanza
  • MAR13-28 GW2: Guild Missions for March 2016

More information about those events will be provided on the Facebook Group event tab.

Make sure to fill out or request your information to be placed on our master game-contact document located: https://www.facebook.com/notes/toy-gamers-network/group-console-friend-list/1205312542813736

Contact information:

  • N3DS FC: 5000-5549-3233
  • PSN: mrbeartoy88
  • XBL/Win10: MrBearToy
  • Steam: Master Saber

"Once a Toy, Always a Toy"

~ AdminBear

August 15, 2015

~ Fall 2015 Newsletter! ~


  1. Current Status
  2. Coming Soon
  3. Expectations

2015 Division
Welcome Toygamers for another exciting newsletter! While I feel the forums have become neglected just a tad bit with the usage of other services (i.e Facebook & Twitter), It's great to continue to keep in touch with all of you here and promoting this wonderful community!

We currently play the following games:

  • InsanityFlyff, MagmaFlyff
  • Guild Wars Trilogy
  • Guild Wars 2
  • PokeMMO
  • Pokemon Showdown
  • Minecraft (PC version)
  • Skyforge Beta
  • DOTA 2 (Steam version)
  • AQW

& More

Coming Soon

  • PokeMMO PTS August 2015
  • Rise of Punching Babies Sept 2015
  • Heart of Thornes Release ~ Oct 2015
  • Kingdom Hearts 3/ Fire Emblem Fates later updates
  • Skyforge Launch Date
  • Old & New Guild Events
  • Basic Combat Training for Bear Nov 2015

& Much more!


  • Forums have become laxed. Please review rules & continue to promote forums!
  • If you are 18+ please apply at http://onepact.net/othergamesapp to access Teamspeak 3!
  • I will leave to Army BCT this November and come back in around 8-9 months to continue with my ROTC program. Please listen well to our assigned division leaders & continue to make this place a safe haven for gamers of all ages!

"Once a Toy, Always a Toy"

Stay Sexy!

~ MrBearToy [Founder/Clan GM]

[Founder & Leader of SexyToys since 2006]
"Perception Is Reality" -- Casey, UNT 08

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