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2018 Contribution System Empty 2018 Contribution System

Post by Bear on Fri Apr 20, 2018 7:01 am

2018+ Contribution System Update:

  • Rooks , Supporters, 2018 Contribution System Captain_flyff-Captains, 2018 Contribution System Kingpin_flyff-Kingpins

The order general ranks will be listed as: #Letter = (Class rank – Class title). New ranks will be made each week!

Update 04/20/2018:

  • All members will be unable to withdraw penya. The penya contributed will be used to help fund for guild house/events.
  • All contribution statuses will be reset to give everyone a fresh start! Cool ALL toons (including alts) will be treated separately! This means you cannot combine main toon contribution with an alt toon contribution this year.
  • All members will be able to withdraw from the guild warehouse. Please only take what you need to give new players a chance!
  • While we are growing, you can place more than two alts in the main guild. I will update this when we change focus.
  • New perks will be given to top 8 weekly winners such as a special role to show the community your achievement! The role will expire and renew every Saturday!
  • There will be no Inspection-event this year. However, if my general game captains and Kingpins recognize that user has left the game, that spot will be given to a new player.
  • Member recognition threads will be posted each month followed by some fun rewards and prizes!

Update 03/31/2012

  • If for some reason you are black-listed (meaning you violated a regulation & are under probation) you will not be eligible to have a rank promotion until your probation has been lifted.


The same Alt regulations apply to my extra characters as well that fill the guild, unless if I am saving that spot for a member awaiting to become a SexyToy after proper registration or contact.
Rookies : (Newbie, recruited)
1R–  0 contribution
2R- 1 penya to 25k quest item contributions
3R- 30k to 74k quest item contributions
Supporters: (helps the guild)
1S– 75k to 120k quest item contributions
2S– 135k to 175k quest item contributions 
3S– 180k to 250k quest item contributions
2018 Contribution System Captain_flyffCaptains: (Enforce Guild/Unite Guild, knows guild updates fairly well + rules)
1C– 300k to 550k quest item contributions
2C– 650k to 730k quest item contributions
3C– 750k to 920k quest item contributions
2018 Contribution System Kingpin_flyffKingpins: (Eyes and Ears of Guild)
1KP– 1mil to 8mil quest item contributions
2KP – 12mil to 19.5mil quest item contributions
3KP–  20mil  to highest amount quest item contributed
[These regulations are subjected to change when 3/4 of guild reaches max requirement]

Determination of Rank Promotion/Demotion Chart:
        5      Kingpins      --They have to compete with the members below to  hold spots 
       10      Captains       --Top 3 captains will/may replace lowest 3 KPs  from last election
       20      Supporters      --Top 5 supporters will/may replace lowest 10  captains
       41+       Rookies      --Top 10-3class rookies will/may replace lowest 10  supporters

Penya Conversion --> Quest Item is simple.
Look up Guild Conversion Chart: http://flyff-wiki.webzen.com/wiki/Guilds#Guild_Leveling_Table

24 quest items (x) = 5200 penya (y)

After cross multiplication these are the default values:
1 quest = 216.66 penya
1 penya = 0.0046153846 Quest Item

Net Sum (x) = total amount of x+y in quest item value.

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2018 Contribution System Empty Mission Reward System - 2018

Post by Bear on Fri Apr 20, 2018 7:14 am

I am going to introduce a special point system. Notice how this is still under-development but depending how many people turn in missions & what-not, they will receive different prizes for each bonus point they accumulate. If this system becomes more successful, I might implement CS prizes. For now they have reasonable event properties.
04/20/2018 update: Please do not pay attention to any exclusive prizes listed in each event thread. Only follow this post.

These are basic types of missions that a typical Ninja would complete in their daily routine. SEE THIS FORUM LINK!

2018 Contribution System MissionRanks
S-Rank missions are the highest paid missions a ninja can go on. They are extremely dangerous and are usually only assigned to a select few highly skilled ninja.
These missions are completed by Jounin rank ninjas and usually include important tasks that will greatly benefit the hidden village or country, such as assassinations of wanted criminals and escorting important people across dangerous territory.
B-Rank missions are mostly completed by Chuunin rank ninjas. They usually involve assignments such as reconnaissance missions and assassinations of low ranking enemy ninja.
These are completed mostly by Chuunins, but are sometimes done by Genins as well. Various assignments include, hunting wild animals for food, and acting as a bodyguard for important villagers.
This is the lowest class mission that can be completed and are usually done by Genins. These missions are usually small priority and involve completing small errands for people around the village.
Point System goes as follows:
D-Rank missions: 100 point
C-Rank missions: 200 points
B-Rank missions: 300 points
A-Rank missions: 400 points
S-Rank missions: 500 points
SS-Rank missions: 1,000 points

GM led events fall under the B-Rank category. Participation for GM events must have screenshots uploaded to our discord #fly-for-fun channel + include event name + who hosted it to prove you were there.

Event Hub Directions: Members must go to FlyForFun Events
forum and accept a mission by replying that you "accept the challenge" & then reply another post that you "complete it" to show completion. Some missions require you to submit certain items to bear for completion!

Note: If recruits have to PM me, they must only do so in forums. They cannot pm me in guild mail/or private chat in-game.

Time Limit for Completion: 1 Week per challenge accepted. Multitasking events is NOT allowed. This means you must complete your first challenge before accepting another one. This does not mean you must complete a challenge per week. You can complete multiple but it must be one after the other.

Total Point Prizes (can only claim once per toon):

1. [800 pts] 1x Forum username change
2. [500 pts] Lottery: 500,000 Bonus
Contribution added to your In-Guild Rank!!!
3. [345 pts] random prize level 5
4. [225 pts] random prize level 4
5. [105 pts] random prize level 3
6. [85 pts] random prize level 2

Top 15th Winners each week - Every Saturday (starting on April 21, 2018 ~ GMT-6:00) for [Kingpins 5/5] & [Captains 10/10]

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