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Post by Bear on Thu May 03, 2018 2:17 pm

Mac Wine Instructions (for use with insanity flyff):

  1. Download Winebottler 1.6.1 Stable ( + latest flyff client

  2. Install Winebottler.dmg and drag both wine + winebottler to applications folder
  3. Make an separated flyff folder on your desktop.
  4. Right click on latest flyff client.exe and select 1st option to extract to that insanity folder. (folder should be about 6.23 GB total)
  5. Once done extracting, go to your game folder and right click on the 1. insanityflyff.exe file to open the client with wine and select "run directly in" option.
  6. Ignore the error 1010 and once you done patching, play the game!

Common Errors:
- you will not be able to create a character. You can dodge this by having a character already created on a windows client or by submitting a ticket and having staff make you one (72 hour response time-ish).
- chat is broken (the "/" command will not show and the interface will be somewhat off but it will still work)

Mac Cross Over Instructions:

  1. Download 14-day trial Cross Over ( and latest Insanity FlyFF executable file
  2. Install Cross Over. Once installed, Open Cross Over > Click "Run Command" > Browser for the Insanity executable
  3. Click "run"
  4. When prompted "There is a problem with the certificate for this site" click No.
  5. Let the client patch. Set Mac-book resolution to 1280x720
  6. Click Start & Have fun! Note: closing the client in getting wine-device errors maybe natural

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