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PSO Team and Installation Empty PSO Team and Installation

Post by ShadowArc on Tue May 11, 2010 2:08 am

Im keeping an eye on this Phantasy Star Universe pserver being developed by Essen for those that got locked out of PSU for pc/ps2 when
sega shut the servers down...ive played the jap version *theres a download on the site with instructions for it along with a no gg exe to get the
text in english* and its plays rather epicly..much better than Phantasy Star Online,,,

If anyone was still trying to get PSO dont let this change your mind and think PSO wont be played as Essens server isnt ready and a beta wont be out till late october *its in alpha but cant do anything in it* BUT i was thinking if PSO might not be your cup of tea/coffee/pudding/cake then you could try PSU out.

Its a pretty good game and i seriously recommend it over PSO if your looking for combos and faster action an such....ill be playing on it when its fully completed. xD

But ill also still be playing PSO soooo no worries...

Now for some other news....Phantasy Star Online 2 has been announced feel free to speculate on it in this topic aswell xD i dont have info on it tho so if you do please share it 0o

There may be cake in it for you if info is shared xP
Added by Bear:
I have provided the SCHTHACK private server Installer (318MB),

Download from here and Patch away!
note: you will need Bittorent and Win-nap.  What a Face

SCHTHACK pserver main site:
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