PadaBear: How To Apply

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PadaBear: How To Apply

Post by Admin_Bear on Tue Apr 27, 2010 8:33 pm

How to Apply – Young PadaBears and Mentors
~NOTICE~ Rules that Apply to BOTH Applicant's. ~IMPORTANT~
Program Notice 1:

  • In order to join this program you have to follow the rules. Any threads, posts or forms filled out irrelevant to this program will be deleted.
  • This program adheres to all corporate and Guild Policies. If you do not follow them, you will be
    blacklisted and your application will be trashed. Failure to comply with these rules and consequences may lead
    to removal of SexyToys and our services!

    • All Blacklist bans are non discussion and may be temporary or permanent depending on the Staff member that blacklists you.
    • If one member in a pair gets blacklisted, the positive application will return to the Available For
      Hire list.


  • Harassment will not be tolerated. Harassment is broken below to 3 Different Categories:

    • Low - Harassment:  

      • Verbal

        • Inflammator Language

        • Spam

        • Unwanted Stalking

        • Player Body Language - within the confounds of Harassment

      • Disrespect

        • [Low] Against Mentor

        • [Low] Against Environment

        • [Low] Against Staff Member

        • [Low] Against Guild Leader

      • Fighting

        • Verbal in Game/ Forums

        • Verbal in Chat Service logs

    • High - Harassment:

      • Sexual

        • Self-explanatory, Sexual Harassment without Consent

      • Obscene

        • Anything Visually Hard in the eyes

        • Pornography

          • Being Taught

          • Spreading it around

      • Peer Disrespect

        • [Mild] Against Mentor

        • [Mild] Against Staff Member

        • [Mild] Against Guild Leader

    • Supreme Assassinated KO - Harassment

      • Anything > High Harassment leads to AUTO permanent

Program Notice 2:

  • You can only request to be unpaired if either of these situations occur:

    • In Cases of Not matching time zones

    • In Cases of Not matching requirements.

    • Absence from Program, or Leave

  • Unless stated otherwise, all discussions will take place in the Pada-Bear Program Office Center.

    • Unless stated otherwise, main applications can be found in Application Center > Operation: Change Category.

    • Unless stated otherwise, please submit your applications in Operation: Election Category.

  • If you apply, you will be paired up with someone that has a similar 'application' to
    your own.

    • Do Note: All pairing is randomly generated to match each others needs.

    • If you have a specific PadaBear you want to enlist, please ask them yourself and have them submit their own application as well.

This Program will be constantly monitored.
Feel Free to contact a Staff member for more Information

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Re: PadaBear: How To Apply

Post by Admin_Bear on Wed Dec 14, 2011 4:54 am

These are questions that were not specifically covered within in
depth that many will start to soon ask.

So, what happens if I sign up to be a PadaBear or Mentor? o:
You will be 'paired' with a Either / Or. Please refer to the “Pairing System” (found in Padawan Material) and the Application Process (found in System Form) to find out how this is done. Once paired the Mentor will help the Newb in anyway possible. The PadaBear will learn the ways of the Force and walk the path of his/her Mentor. I hope in time, this strengthens bonds and a life long partnership!
Will the mentor give me money ?/Will I have to give money to my young PadaBear?
When applying to be a mentor/Pada-Bear; you are required to specify what it is you need/want, or in a mentors case, what you can give. This is totally dependent on the Mentor's discretion. HOWEVER, a mentor will help you as much as possible. As a young Pada-Bear, do not beg for such things. Give your mentor time to meet you/know you and trusting you before instantly asking to giving you money.

If we catch you getting money from one Mentor, then leaving them for whatever reason to find another mentor to leech money from.. You WILL be Banned by My Fierce Ya-oi Paddle.

What if I don't like my mentor/Pada-Bear ? : (
If you’re having ANY issues regarding your pairing, such as harassment, or even simply time
problems. Checkout the Staff Report section of the forums or contact a ranked officer asap to see what can be done.

What happens if a Pada-Bear states they need no further help?

The Pada-Bear application will be removed from the Currently Paired List, and either Removed totally from the Analysis Chart or Promoted as Mentor. By default, the Mentor will be put back up ready to be paired again, please contact us if you wish to be temporarily removed/removed.
If the Mentor & Pada-Bear remain friends, then our services have done a Successful Job!

If a Pada-Bear continues to need help, but the mentor can no longer provide it
That depends on what kind of help the is requested. If the mentor has not passed requisites of the Pada-Bear, and he/she needs "more", then I or another staff member will update status to wanting a higher source of help category and Unpair him/her from their mentor immediately after.
If you have any questions that may be fit for the F.A.Q please Suggest them in your own threads within the Guild & Forum Suggestions Category!

Thank you for helping us make gaming a better place by attempting to educate all new players to be role model leaders within our community! Also, by encouraging new players to keep being a Toy forever!

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