Welcome to Toy Gamers Network (Est. 2006)
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SexyToys Gaming Network is officially recognized by the Central Outpost as a genuine gaming organization.

About Us

Toy Gamers Network is home to SexyToys, an international PvX & Multigaming Public Relations Group aimed at giving gamers and communities resources to build & prosper in their social zone since 2006!

Who are we?

SexyToys was established late fall of 2006 by AdminBear's SexySqueezeToy account within the Free to Play MMO FlyForFun. We ranked #5 in PvP Siege and with the participation, energy and loyalty contributed by a variety of core and other members; the fruits of our labor created a safe haven for players seeking an equal-opportunity group.

By the eve of the year 2008, the clan evolved into a multi-verse/accepting gaming network and took upon the name "Toygamers" to please older audiences. By the year 2012, I opened the division leadership gates and new management opportunities formed allowing players to carry our clan banner and lead in other games!

What we seek?
L-D-R-S-H-I-P, an army acronym, describes 7 important values: loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity and personal courage are the epitomes that serve as the professional foundation for our members and leaders!

We are hosting groups in retro & latest gen! Check out our discord & forums for opportunities!

Looks Great! How do I apply?

  • There's no mandatory "application" to be part of TGN because our motto is "Once a toy, Always a Toy!" Meaning that anyone that plays any worlds/guilds/clans that TGN hosts has lifetime membership. We do however, recommend to join our discord server!
  • TGN is an Equal Opportunity community that promotes all ages/representations and regions!

Our group regulations are based on:

A note from Admin:

When I first started, all of my members were young ranging from ages 6+ and with strong diligence, I have seen my members grow to professional adults! I've seen them do well in school, graduate & accomplish their goals in the real world, carrying what they learned within our community as a strong aspect within their very lives!

I believe strongly in everything built by the member foundation and that if you decide to join us, you'll undoubtedly walk away with something rarely found, if ever, within any gaming network you've ever had!

Wishing you the best,

"Once a Toy, Always a Toy"

---Admin Bear (© 2019)

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