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Welcome to The SexyToys Gaming Network (c. 2006)

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Origin of SexyToys

SexyToys was founded as one of the top #5 Siege & Community Guilds to the top MMO FlyForFun late 2006 by Admin Bear otherwise known as "SexySqueezeToy/Asylias/MrBearToy/Engineer Bear" and temporarily Co-led by a former core member named "SexyTonkaToy". The first five years, SexyToys held a very structured community for both PVE and PVP gamers.

During 2008, we expanded our vision from just being a standard guild to a multi-verse gaming network compromised of open opportunities for those that devote themselves for higher leadership roles.

Starting 2012, the guild core challenged themselves with new division leadership and on June 30th new leaders were appointed for certain games while Admin Bear oversees everything in cooperation with new management building a possible future for all members who join this network!

SexyToys is a Public Relations Group aimed at bringing gamers together through the course of events and positive mentoring to help expand and share growth. Through the course of time, our members have obtained leadership roles in the real world and spread our methods to others in other guilds and social networks.

Our network isn't restricted to just this site alone as we do have twitter, YouTube and Facebook means of communication that are constantly updated. Though only one seventh of our community has registered on this site, the rest are all present in-game under the respected guidance of SexyToys division leadership.

Whether you are a professional or just starting out your career, don't feel like a stranger because you aren't alone! We have many professional members with degrees and jobs that may already be known to you. All we ask is that you respect their privacy and use the right approach when contacting them.

SexyToys is more than just a network! Everything is built from its member foundation!

By joining this community you agree to follow the rules and help us keep growing! Thank you for your time

All the best,

---Admin Bear (© 2013)
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SexyToys Gaming Network is officially recognized by the Central Outpost as a genuine gaming organization.
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