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Post by ShadowProphet on Sun Mar 06, 2011 9:37 am

*Plays soothing music in the background*

Hello everyone!

First, I would like to thank you for all of the fun times that we had/created. Our family, our friends, and our siblings. It was great, and I'm sure you guys still have those fun times wherever you may be. In your gaming life, or your real life. I have learned some very valuable things from each one of you that I pursue almost daily, in my own guild or my actual life. You all have a gift, and that is to make people feel welcome. If you can go to that day when I joined your guild, we were just standing in Saint Morning by Lodestar. I was being stupid and attempting to be funny and talking to some Sexy Toys members. We soon became friends, and even though I wasn't even level 100 yet, you let me join your guild, SexyToys.

From the time I was a newcomer and I was afraid to have my parents to see that I was involved with something that had the word "Sexy" in it, to the time to when we broke up -- I couldn't help but smile when I entered the world of gaming, flying, and friends. But you guys made it much more than just a game. You made it an experience, and I thank you, from the bottom of my heart for that.

Second, I would like to ask how all of you are doing? I haven't talked to some of you in forever! Tell me about your life and what you have been up too! I'm always excited to hear. Either Email me or add me to your messenger.

Third, I have started a new guild, in my new FlyFF home, Eclipse FlyFF. MidnightMonopoly is the name of it and we have gotten a big start. Sweetykins is my Head KP and I will inform her on all of the changes.

Forth, Bear has put a link to my site on this Branch Network. *Eclipse FlyFF* MidnightMonopoly. It DOES NOT open forum sections here. It will redirect you to my guild site. - - - - - - PLEASE FEEL FREE to open my guild website and make an account. Post all you want! As I said, I will inform everyone about the changes.

*Stops soothing music*

So, I guess that was my intro, once again Smile

As I said, I love you guys.
Mommy (Plushy) and Daddy (Kaka) I added you to my MSN.

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