DDoS continued attack (Check in)

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DDoS continued attack (Check in) Empty DDoS continued attack (Check in)

Post by -KbraD- on Sat Apr 07, 2012 12:34 am

Dear Guildies Very Happy

Well once again Mflyff has been manipulated by someone that I want to give a good slap to. For you people that don't know/too lazy to Google it/ people that cant make sense of this I will try to explain. A DDoS attack or a Denial of Service attack is phishing tactic used to gather information. It re routes the information traveling from the Mflyff servers (what runs the game) to your computer. To put it in simpler terms ISP=>Mflyff=>Bad guy=>your P.C. Anyway just giving a whats up and a hello. And Mr. Bear we need a general discussion tab! Now off to draw some manga!



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