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Post by Bear on Tue Apr 27, 2010 8:26 pm

Table of Contents

  1. Updates
  2. What is the Pada-Bear Mentoring Program?
  3. How is it different than Adopt-A-Nub?


System Form

  • Mentoring App Regulations & Instructions
  • Pada-Bear App Regulations & Instructions
  • [Optional] Submit an Interest Form

Padawan Material

  • How To Apply!
  • Things Not To Do!
  • Partnership Policy
  • Pairing System

Association Analysis

  • Pada-Bears Up For Adoption
  • Mentors Ready To Adopt
  • Paired List

Schedule & Times

  • Mentor Available Times ALL written within GMT-6 (Central US Time Zone) instead of GMT-8 (Pacific).


  • Special Thanks - Credits
  • Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]


  • SexyToys [Main] Forums
  • SexyToys Titan Event Challenge
  • SexyToys Branch Network
  • Affiliated Contributors

Recent Updates

If your application does not have your IGN preferred name, please pm a staff member immediately telling us what ign(s) are on your application so we can add the name of your choice to the application for contacting purposes.

Our very own pairing system:

The pairs will be posted on the bottom of the thread. It will be their job and responsibility to PM each other. After they get together, they should post here/PM the Adopt-A-Newb char/PM the forum account, so that I can edit the lists.
Wait, how will I contact my pair now ?
You need to check the "Paired but not contacted list" at the end of the first post. If your name is there, just see who you are paired with and try to reach him/her in-game.

Updates :

  • Based on Fame's Adopt-A-Newb Service, and a couple of new ideas, we bring you Peda-Bear Mentoring program!
  • Rules have been updated!
    --  If you apply, you will be paired up with someone that has a similar 'application' to your own.
    -- Mentoring pairs are collected through a random generator. More details on the application coming soon to the webforums - Operation: Change Category!
  • Schedule & Time Calendar will be updated weekly for Mentoring Partners.
  • Registration Page for members that ONLY want to submit an interest form sent directly towards my inbox. Do remember that interest / concern forms of contact are optional and you can skip this directly by going to our Main SexyToys Guild Webforum and using the Application Center to start applying now!

About Our Mentoring Program

P-B-P-N involves Mentors and Pada-Bears in the essence of Star-Wars Theme. A Mentor is a Master, a Sensei, a Teacher. A Pada-Bear is a young player who needs any form of help. Whether it be for company, or in game knowledge such as the economy we will do our best to provide you with what you need by matching you to a matching Mentor.


Mentors are supposed to help the Pada-Bear they adopt. They need to be patient, knowledgeable and fond of new people. A mentor must also be nice, and kind generally within the community. You must strictly follow ALL rules at all times for your Pada-Bear. We do not need new players seeing their mentor trash talk to everyone they run into, that wouldn’t make them a very good person for this community.

You must be willing to help your Pada-Bear to the extent that you have provided/described in your application. We will provide you with a Pada-Bear whose wants/needs match that of which you’re capable of giving.

To become a mentor, Read the PBPN Getting Started for more application Instructions!NOTE: All Mentors must provide weekly synopsis of how things are going. This is Mandatory so we, Staff may see how progress is developing.


A Pada-Bear is a young soul looking for a Mentor, a person to rely on from questions to answers and provide as much support available as paired with. A Pada-Bear must realize that this is an assigned pair is a privilege not a right !They must also understand that you have to avoid asking and nagging for more. Harassing to any Mentor will not be tolerated at all. All Rules apply here. Sign-up only after you read the rules.

In exchange, for being good, they might even receive financial support, or someday walk the path of your own Mentor (whether Good or Bad outcome) for the future of our guild!   Will
You submit to the dark side?
Or will you walk the
path of light?
Only you can choose...

Differences between Pada-Bear & Adopt-a-Newb

Pada-Bear Program Network

  • Maintained by All Kingpins from the Main SexyToys Guild and External game branches
  • Organized through our SexyToys [Main] Forum Mentoring Office!
  • Gives more challenges for our Hero characters
  • Hosted by MrBearToy in all exclusive Network Membership bonus
  • Active 24-7
  • P-B-P-N aims to improve relationships with Fame AND other games we branch out to provide exceptional Role Models to help secure our main purpose: A Healthy Community in both Self & Environment!


  • Founded in FlyForFame by Junior-B
  • A-A-N aims to improve Fame overall by providing all new players with great role models to secure their welcome, healthy stay at Fame!
  • Dead Forum maintenance on the established event
  • Is used only in FlyForFame
  • Lists are unorganized, as if the whole program was forgotten long time ago

Special Thanks [Credits]

Special thanks to all of the below for their effort in this program:

  • Thank you Fame Staff Team for starting up Adopt-A-Newb idea to which led the creation of our own guild Mentoring Program.
  • Thank you Moa for your continuous Help in Event Coordinating!
  • Thank you StarLilly for helping me create new ideas towards future guild Events! Half of this site's is credited to you. I hope to see you someday again!
  • Thank You ShadowArc for thinking about a Bear-Jedi unique system idea, I hope this site meets your expectations!
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